Loose / Saggy Skin Treatment

The Revolutionary non-surgical “Lunchtime” Facelift

Raj Skin Clinic, New Delhi, offers revolutionary non-surgical facelift (Thread lift) treatment to really lift the cheeks, to ease the shadow of smile lines (That just don’t seem to respond well to fillers and Botox) and to correct the jawline by lifting the jowl (that happen because of ageing), the droopy eyelid and the saggy neck.

An alternative to surgical face lift, thread lift is famous as Revolutionary “Lunchtime Facelift”, as it takes about an hour to complete, involves no cuts, no stitches & minimal downtime and you walk out of the clinic with lifted face and minimal interruption to daily routine.

The Cosmetic Acupuncture, exclusively available at Raj skin Clinic, New Delhi, helps boost and maintain the Skin tightening by:

  • Boosting collagen build-up by increasing nutrition & blood flow
  • Tightening the supporting muscles and tissues.
  • Washing away the toxins.

With the progression of age, the loose skin makes folds around lips, jowl, neck, arms and tummy. Highly specialized cog-threads made up of organic material are used to bring tightness into loose skin. These bio-degradable, organic threads are skin friendly, completely safe and highly effective in lifting the loose skin.

Once the thread is placed in the skin it compresses and brings tightness back to the loose tissue and in due course of time it stimulates collagen build up which maintains the lifting and tightening effect.

The typical age group and the typical presentation suitable for thread lift:

  • Any one in their mid 30es with early signs of little bit sagging & laxity in the skin and who are not ready just yet for surgical face lift. These patients with loose skin in their mid 30es to mid 40es and even in mid 50es can get a great result.
  • This procedure can be done with limited results in even excessive sagging of an elderly patient who is not willing to go for the surgery.

Post procedure instructions:

  • No heavy exercise for next three days.
  • Avoid heavy massages of the face to avoid dislodging the thread.
  • Avoid any dental surgery three weeks before or after the procedure as that can increase the risk of infection.
  • Sleep with your head upright so that you don’t roll your face against the pillow.