Pre-Wedding Skin Care Treatments

Close to every wedding season there is a rush of young “would be brides and grooms” at every dermatologist’s office for treatment of various skin issues like acne, pigmentation, scars, hair fall and face lift. Many a times they harbor these skin problems since years and seek dermatologist advice just before their wedding, leaving the physician with very short time to tackle the problem. Dr. Rajeev R. Srivastav, a New Delhi based dermatologist, shares a list of problems and their proven medical solutions for a smooth, clean, glowing skin. A blemish free skin provides a clean canvas for your make-up artist to work on.


First thing first - Time

Most of the skin conditions take time to improve. Make sure you visit the dermatologist office well in advance. Depending upon the skin problems, you may need to start skin care treatments 6 to 18 months before your wedding. It’s imperative to stop all treatments 2-4 weeks before wedding.

Acne/ Zits/ Black heads/ Rosacea

Most common and most disfiguring complain. If left untreated acne may lead to permanent scars and pits. Recurrent acne is particularly notorious and may require prolonged treatment for 4 to 6 months or more. Any other invasive treatment for scars and pits can be started only after cessation of active eruptions which significantly increases the total treatment time. Treatment options are specific peels, topical applications and oral medications.

Scars/ Pits

most common causes are acne, chicken-pox or trauma. Depending upon the size and type of scar, it’s appearance can be improved by 50% to 90%. Improvement of scars and collagen build up require up to 12 to 18 months. Treatment options are subcision, CROSS, Microneedling, fractional LASERs and Dermabrasion.

Open pores

pores are normally present in everybody’s face. They become bothersome only when they are wide open and visible from a distance. Treatment options are same as that for scars and pits.

Dark spots / Pigmentation

Common causes are sun spots, post acne spots, metabolic problems, pcos. Recommended treatments are specific peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, mesotherapy. It may require 4 to 6 sessions repeated at an interval of 2 to 3 weeks. Strict sun protection ( sunscreen & mechanical ) is mandatory.

Hair Fall

ongoing hair fall will reduce the bulk and bounce of hair. Ultimately females may develop scarcity with clearly visible scalp while men may go bald. Treatments ( PRP, Mesoscalp oral & topical medications ) will significantly reduce the hair fall. Men may opt for hair transplant for baldness.

Under Eye Dark Circles / Hollowness (tear trough)

under eye dark circles and hollowness ( tear trough ) reflect fatigued, sleep deprived and harsh expressions. Correction of under eye dark circle/hollowness give a fresh and younger look and make the make-up artist’s job much easier. Treatment options are PRP, soft peels, microneedling and Hyaluronic fillers for hollowness.

Mole/  Milia

moles are considered to be the beauty spot but sometimes an unwanted mole may need to get removed. Healing of the wound may take 1 to 2 week but internal healing and optimization of skin color and texture may take 3 to 4 months.

Skin Tag

Skin tag are cosmetically embarrassing and annoying as they may entangle with jewelry and bleed during shaving. Healing time, after removal, is 5 to 7 days.

Dark neck, Elbow, Knuckles, Knees and Skin Folds

cosmetically embarrassing and may indicate towards significant metabolic or hormonal disturbances. Proper evaluation with lab report is warranted. Treatment options are specific peels, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, moisturization and sun protection.

Thin Lips

Thin and shrunken lips lose their attractiveness. Hyaluronic fillers give pouted & fuller lip with accentuated well-defined borders.

Dark lips

aesthetically very embarrassing and difficult to treat. Treatment options are microneedling/mesotherapy, soft peels. Home care is very important and include sun protection and repeated moisturization.

Wrinkles / Sagging / folds

Sagging skin with wrinkles and folds render the face less attractive by  imposing lots of negative expressions ( sadness, fatigue, harshness and bitterness ) even when you feel none of them. Youthful appearance and attractiveness can be restored by face-lift treatments ( thread lifts, Botox, fillers ).

Unwanted facial / Body Hair

Facial hair is always unwanted on woman’s face while men may also want to remove the hair from upper cheek, thick eyebrows, forehead and ear. Thick body hair are undesirable in both men and women while under arms, bikini/pubic hair are removed for hygiene purpose. Diode and ND-YAG LASERs can achieve significant hair reduction in repeated no. of sessions.

Broader Jawline

A broader/square jawline gives an undesirable masculine look. The most common cause is thickening of the jaw muscles (masseter). Botox can effectively reduce the bulk of the muscle and make the face more triangular and feminine. Sometimes broader jaw is associated with teeth grinding during sleep. The patient feels jaw pain, teeth pain or sometimes ear pain. Botox is the only effective treatment for teeth grinding.