Dark Circles Treatment


Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment

dark circle treatment

Under eye dark circles make you look aged, stressed out and sleep deprived. Permanent removal of dark circles is very difficult and sometimes frustrating, yet it can be significantly reduced with the help of ACUGEN Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment Protocol for Dark Circles.

The protocol includes age old, time tested cosmetic acupuncture performed very precisely by Dr Rajeev, who is the pioneer of cosmetic acupuncture in India. It’s very safe, highly effective, minimally invasive and bypass all the risks and side effects of surgery and LASER treatment.

Under eye darkening and bags have gross negative impact on important life events be it an important function, party, wedding, job interview or performance at work place. Acugen cosmetic acupuncture treatment protocol is exclusively available at Raj Skin Clinic, Kalkaji (South Delhi) and is highly effective in targeting the root cause of dark circles. The common causes are stress, sleep deprivation, tiredness, genetics, ageing, nutritional deficiency, smoking and drinking, hormonal changes, Allergies and Anaemia.

Apart from targeting the root cause the facial acupuncture points increase blood flow by removing stagnation around eyes, removes toxins and provide with more nutrition. The increased blood flow floods the skin cells with nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants. The skin becomes healthier with better soft tissue support. It also releases the stress, improves sleep, lift the mood and improves overall physical and emotional wellness.

The tear trough or under eye hollowness can be effectively treated by hyaluronic acid fillers which is a sugar derivative and a natural ingredient of skin. The results are immediate plumpness of the skin and fresh-looking face.