Mole, Skin Tag Treatment

Mole | Skin Tag | Milia | Wart

Mole removal

Painless & Scarless Removal of Mole

Laser, Radiofrequency/Electro-cautery and surgical blade are the common modalities to remove the moles/skin tags/milia. Please remember, they are just the technical devices to help the Physician. The result of treatment depends upon the expertise and experience of the physician. Dr. Rajeev has an experience of removing hundreds of skin blemishes without causing any significant scar.
The skin blemishes (moles/skin tags/milia/DPN/wart/cyst) may be a source of irritation, infection, bleeding or cosmetic embarrassment due to their location or entanglement with jewelry.

The Procedure

First of all a thorough assessment of the mole or skin tag is done and the sequence of after events is explained in detail to help you make a decision for undergoing removal. The target area is made numb either by numbing cream or anaesthetic injection. Our highly skilled skin specialist Dr. Rajeev, then, carefully removes the mole/skin tag with the help of advance Radiofrequency wave machine. It’s very safe and virtually painless process.

The Duration

The procedure may last for 15 minutes or up to 1 hour depending upon the number, size and location of mole & skin tag. An antibiotic course may be prescribed for wound healing. Home care of wound will be explained in detail.

After Treatment & Result

After procedure patient is free to go home or join his/her work (if he/she wish so). It may take 5 to 10 days for wound to heal. after the wound healing, it may leave a light scar which will fade away and blend with the surrounding skin over a period of time.
Skin tags are neither contagious nor infectious. Clinical evidences do not suggest that skin tag removal will causes more tags to grow. Sometimes some people specially middle-aged obese adults are simply prone to develop new skin tags.