Mole removal

Mole Removal by Amazing Scarless & Painless Technique

Mole Removal Treatment

Radiofrequency – Best Mole Removal Method

Mole, Skin tag and Milia are usually harmless and need not removal. Mole removal is recommended only when it becomes a source of irritation, bleeding and infection but many are removed for purely cosmetic purpose. 

Mole, Skin Tag & Milia are benign and neither infectious nor contagious. These skin growths may be source of discomfort if they are in shaving and waxing areas. 

There may be cuts, bleeding, infection or irritation during shaving and waxing. Or They may get entangled with jewellery and cause bleeding and irritation. 

 Usually their removal is recommended only when they become source of irritation, infection, bleeding or discomfort because of their location or entanglement with jewellery, still a large number of patients come for their removal because of cosmetic reasons.

A mole, milia or skin tag visible on face, neck, shoulder or under arms may not look good and one may seek for its removal to avoid cosmetic embarrassment.

The methods used for Mole removal are Radiofrequency, LASER, Chemical cautery & Cryotherapy. Please remember that these are just tools to assist the physician. The result of treatment depends upon the experience and expertise of your Doctor.

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